The programmer that observe and reside in the deepest shadow.

This blog will be mainly write about all related to Mugen and many programming language and program. Some exception might be add to this blog. I will write in english and french.

Back and %n Disabled on hold.

Sense, Internal %n disabled is hitting on a end. I will continue my other researchs.
  1. 2016/05/11(水) 11:24:13|
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Hydrogen Bomb (H-Bomb) v2.5

Use his VBscript to make him work then work a couple and his mugen will open up.
  1. 2014/05/01(木) 09:50:52|
  2. Mugen
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Mugen 1.0 Manualvairo (static appendix method test 1)

Assembly Mugen

Just a test trying to find a dynamic method for the appendix patch ASM method.
1.Put his folder in the chars folder and put the ollydbg folder somewhere in your Mugen folder
2.Put his name in the select.def
3.Open Mugen.exe
4.Then open Ollydbg folder and open ollydbg.exe
5.Click on attach, then select M.U.G.E.N, it will freeze the running Mugen 1.0
6.Press Alt+M
7.Press Ctrl+B
8.Noko in the ascii text field
9.Replace noko with nofg and find the nofg below then replace it with noko
10.Press F9 to unfreeze your mugen 1.0 with the change
  1. 2014/04/04(金) 21:27:32|
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Hydrogen Bomb (H-Bomb) v2.0

I updated it again, it now use the trick secretary.
  1. 2014/03/28(金) 15:24:19|
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Hydrogen Bomb (H-Bomb) v1.5

It's been a long time sense i post something here: Well, i updated H-Bomb with disabled %n completely(Appendtoclipboard and Displaytoclipboard) You can consider him as KS11.
To select him put HBomb in your select.def then use his exe.
H-Bomb 1_5
  1. 2014/03/28(金) 12:05:58|
  2. Mugen
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